What is Brainjogging?

Brainjogging is our patented computer program which uses visual stimuli to enhance learning efficiency through the building and strengthening of synaptic connections.

Areas of focus:


  • Increases attention levels
  • Increases long term memory and retention ability
  • Builds perceptual and processing abilities
  • Dramatically decreases the amount of tutoring, studying, and/or homework time
  • Improves motor skills

Brainjogging works on any computer! Students who faithfully Brainjog for six minutes, two to three times a day, are known to improve their capacity for learning.

How does Brainjogging work?

Students at Camp Academia

Research shows that the connections between nerve cells in the brain are not static; they can be trained to process information with more proficiency. Brainjogging was created to improve this ability to process information.

Brainjogging is content-based and personalized. If your student struggles with reading, Brainjogging's cognitive therapists will provide a reading module. If he or she has more difficulty with language, the model used will target the areas of the brain involved in language processing. Targeting those circuits necessary for specific skills strengthen circuits so they gradually become more proficient in transmitting material.

Reading will be easier! Math will make sense! Language will be easily understood! There will be far fewer frustrating nights spent struggling with homework!

Practicing Brain Jogging

 Why Brainjogging and not tutoring or a different program?

Brainjogging prepares the mind to learn. Although tutoring is effective in helping reiterate previously visited concepts, the brain must first be ready to learn before it can receive these concepts. Brainjogging's creators believe Brainjogging is the BEST solution available to increase processing speed and achieve enhanced learning potential.

Brainjogging offers a personalized program; each Brainjogger's program is specifically customized to address the child's needs. Brainjogging only involves a total daily commitment of 15-20 minutes in order to affect learning ability significantly.

What is brainjogging? How does brainjogging work? Why brainjogging and not tutoring?