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Academic Reserves
Group of Academic Reserves StudentsStudents brainjog at Academic Reserves Camp Academia Student Learning at Camp Academia

Fall, 2009 Dates

September 25-26, 2009
October 9-10, 2009
November 13-14, 2009
December 4-5, 2009

The Academic Reserves is designed to give students the boost they need to tackle the upcoming school month. Students ages 6-12 who are enrolled in Academic Reserves attend an overnight camp at our Roopville facility the second weekend of every month.

From the moment they arrive Friday until Saturday evening, the students are taught to understand how to overcome learning disabilities by focusing on the "ability" within each learning disability. We reinforce the hidden potential that each student possesses. Noted speakers such as successful entrepeneurs, civic leaders and Olympic competitor tell the students their incredible stories of perseverance along the road to achievement. Camp Academia encourages students to reach for the stars by filling their days with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Every disability has a phenomenal ability!

Saturday is spent evaluating each student’s processing abilities and tailoring exercises to enhance the learning process in their troubled areas. Our patented Brainjogging software is integrated into the learning sessions. Each learning session is followed by a session of “fun” such as swimming, hiking and field trips so that students enter each learning session with minds ready to learn. Camp Academia staff teaches the children to understand who they are as learners, feel good about themselves in spite of learning hardship, how to overcome learning difficulties by focusing on the "ability" within each learning disability and the hidden potential they possess to be a great contribution to this world.

The majority of students are known to achieve increased motivation, less frustration, more efficient use of their homework and classwork time, and Honor Roll status after developing their processing skills via Brainjogging routines, two to three times daily and attending Academic Reserves!