Experience is the best teacher! Our staff has years of combined experience as classroom teachers, educational consultants, diagnosticians and specialists in the field of learning disabilities and behavior disorders. We are uniquely qualified to understand your family’s and your child’s special situation.

"Shirley Pennebaker's extensive research and knowledge are a goldmine for parents and teachers alike. She is able to pinpoint the specific areas of difficulty and strength in a child and then to train him or her to use their strengths to maximize their learning potential. Camp Academia is the right place for children who wrestle with learning challenges. You would be hard-pressed to find a more devoted or knowledgeable expert in the field."

Pre-Test Consultation
  • Camp Academia evaluates the student's situation, based on parent and teacher inputs, to determine if there is a need for an educational intervention.
  • Camp Academia determines "how" and “to what degree of effectiveness" the student is cognitively processing new information presented by the teacher.
  • Camp Academia identifies the potential learning disorder (i.e. reading disorder, behavior disorder, processing disorder, etc.).
  • Camp Academia determines whether or not there is a need for diagnostic testing to assess the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.
Educational & Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Camp Academia holds parent and teacher interviews.
  • Camp Academia completes a full evaluation of the child's strengths and weaknesses in learning, utilizing both formal and informal methods.
  • Camp Academia uses Academic Achievement Testing to evaluate the student.  Tests include the following: Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities, Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Academic Achievement, Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency.
  • Camp Academia tests Cognitive Processing Abilities.
  • Camp Academia makes recommendations for charting the student's educational path.
Post Evaluation Consultation
  • Camp Academia provides parents with a full report, based on testing results.
  • Camp Academia determines the student's current status.
  • Camp Academia makes recommendations for an education program tailored to the student's individual needs.
General Consultation (as needed)
  • Camp Academia holds parent and/or teacher conferences to ensure that the student's learning processing strengths and weaknesses are fully understood.  At this time, Camp Academia also makes recommendations for enhancing the student's learning experience.
  • Camp Academia helps create, participates in planning or implements an Individual Educational Program (IEP).
  • Camp Academia conducts an Annual Review of the student's progress, including any additional testing that needs to be made.