camps & summer booster sessions
Group of Academic Reserves StudentsStudents brainjog at Academic Reserves Camp Academia Student Learning at Camp Academia

Brainjogging’s three-day extended residential camp sessions, which are held during June, July and August, tone children for learning efficiency and motivation. Camp is open to students between the ages of six and twelve.


Camp sessions’ roots stem from Academic Reserves, a weekend-long camp session held each month for Brainjoggers whose parents chose to enroll them in Academic Reserves.  Camp began as the monthly weekend respite of Academic Reserves, but Brainjogging now holds camp sessions during the summer rather than having one each month.  These camps are our Summer Booster Sessions – they give our students the boost they need to be prepared and confident for the upcoming school year.

From the moment students arrive at our Summer Booster Sessions until they leave, Camp Academia’s staff teaches them to understand how to overcome learning disabilities by focusing on the "ability" that is inherent in each learning disability. Staffers reinforce the hidden potential that each student possesses. Noted speakers, such as successful entrepreneurs, civic leaders and Olympic competitors, tell students their incredible stories of perseverance along the road to achievement. Camp Academia encourages students to reach for the stars by filling their days with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Every disability has a phenomenal ability!

Camp Academia’s staff evaluates each student’s processing abilities through entertaining, stimulating communal activities and by tailoring exercises to enhance the learning process in each student’s trouble areas. The patented Brainjogging software is integrated into learning sessions. Each learning session is followed by a session of “fun,” such as swimming, hiking or taking field trips so that students’ minds take a “break” between learning sessions and are refreshed for the next learning session. Camp Academia’s staff teaches students to understand who they are as learners and to feel good about themselves in spite of learning hardship.  The staff also focuses on teaching students how to overcome learning difficulties by focusing on the "ability" inherent in each learning disability and the hidden potential each student possesses to be a great contribution to this world.

Camp is designed to build students’ mental ability to process information efficiently and proficiently for studying; to increase students’evels of academic achievement; and to provide the confidence boost required to bring out students’ fullest potential.

Teachers proclaim, "Our students return to school totally different! Reading levels soar over the summer and the students are anxious to show their improvement!" Camp sessions’ results take many forms, among them bonding between students and staff and students’ increased motivation, self-esteem and achievement levels. After three days of swimming, hiking, learning, Brainjogging and being exposed to the latest computer technology applications, students are ready to take on the upcoming school year.